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Archives & Special Collections: Policies

The homepage for the Archives and Special Collections department of Musselman Library.


Materials housed on the Archives & Special Collections (ASC) floor are best accessed by scheduling an appointment in advance of your intended date of visit so that we can prepare needed materials for your use and provide support for your research. Click on the "Make An Appointment" tab above for more information about the collections or to schedule a visit.

Photocopying: A small photocopier is available on the ASC floor for the use of our visitors. A suggested donation of 10 cents per page is requested.  ASC staff reserves the right to make photocopies for you or deny photocopying for materials which are too rare or fragile to withstand the photocopying process. 

Photocopying or scanning for phone/email requests: Requests for photocopying or scanning received by phone or email will be charged 25 cents per page.

The Archives and Special Collections Librarian or her designee reserves the right to refuse to photocopy materials which would be damaged by photocopying or which are already in poor condition.

Questions about this policy may be directed to Carrie Phillips, Archives & Special Collections Librarian.

Citing archival documents

For recommendations on how to cite material you find in the Archives & Special Collections, please see the Citation Recommendations tab at the top of this guide.

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