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Archives & Special Collections: MS collections list

The homepage for the Archives and Special Collections department of Musselman Library.


Finding aids are offered for selected collections.  Please contact the ASC for more details on extent and scope of these collections.

Manuscript Collections

MS 3:     Carl T. and Martha B. Habegger Papers

MS 4:     Eunice Deter Collection: Steiner Family

MS 5:     Zurfluh family

MS 6:     John W. Bixel papers

MS 7:     Noah Steiner Amstutz papers

MS 8:     Paul Hostetler papers

MS 9:     Benjamin Weaver & Emanuel E. Weaver accounts and diaries

MS 10:     Walter (Jacob) Quiring papers

MS 11:     Light & Kidd Families

MS 13:     Glen Linschied papers

MS 14:     Adolf Hertzler family indexes

MS 15:     Carl Geiger papers

MS 16:     Michael Neuenschwander and family

MS 17:     Evan Suter papers

MS 18:     W.P. Roop papers

MS 19:     Jacob T. Friesen papers

MS 20:     Dale Grismore papers

MS 21:     Richard Emmert papers

MS 22:     John Thut papers

MS 23:     Chester Stauffer papers

MS 24:     Leland Gerber papers

MS 25:     Delbert Gratz Mennonite History and Geneology papers

MS 26:     Sidney and Armin Hauenstein papers

MS 27:     Maurice E. Troyer papers

MS 28:     Noah E. Byers papers

MS 29:     Roy Henry papers

MS 30:     A.C. Burcky and Edgar Schumacher

MS 31:     Mrs. S.K. Mosiman papers

MS 32:     Harvey & Pauline Bauman papers

MS 33:     Paul Shelly papers

MS 34:     S.F. Pannabecker papers

MS 35:     OPEN

MS 36:     E.J. Hirschler papers

MS 37:     David Rempel - Russia letters

MS 39:     Dale Dickey papers

MS 40:     Ruth Krehbiel papers

MS 41:     Phyllis Diller papers

MS 43:     John P. Klassen papers

MS 44:     Jerry Sauder papers

MS 45:     Dean and Joanne Niswander papers

MS 46:     Gordon Bixel papers

MS 47:     Elaine Sommers Rich papers

MS 48:     J.F./C.O./G.A. Lehman papers

MS 49:     Harry Gehman Good papers

MS 50:     Hugh Downs papers

MS 51:     J. Denny Weaver papers

MS 52:     H.W. Berky papers

MS 53:     Magdalene Bixel Tolson

MS 54:     Carl Lehman papers

MS 55:     Menno Travel Service - Howard Raid

MS 56:     Helen Schwartzentraub Blumenshine papers

MS 57:     Edna Ramseyer papers

MS 58:     Mary Ann Sullivan papers

MS 59:     Burton Yost papers

MS 60:     R.L. Triplett papers

MS 61:     Paul E. Whitmer papers

MS 62:     Erie Sauder papers

MS 63:     Lucille Snyder papers

MS 64:     Elmer Basinger sermons and papers

MS 65:     George Gundy papers

MS 66:     Boyd Travis papers and records

MS 67:     Amstutz family papers

MS 68:     Elias & Dinah (Augsburger) Amstutz

MS 69:     OPEN

MS 71:     J.S. Hirschler papers

MS 72:     G.T. Soldner papers

MS 73:     S.T. Moyer papers

MS 74:     "S.F. Sprunger papers - 1st menno, Berne"

MS 75:     Carl Smucker papers

MS 76:     Harry Yoder papers

MS 77:     Howard Raid Papers

MS 78:     David Rempel Smucker research files

MS 79:     Ralph Stearns collection

MS 80:     Mabel Sauder materials

MS 81:     Lillian Lantz Rich Sprunger

MS 82:     Wilmer Shelly

MS 83:     Schirch-Shelly papers

MS 84:     Edith Pratt Painter

MS 85:     Inscribed ISTA pages

MS 86:     Sweeney Benroth papers

MS 87:     Century Circle

MS 88:     J.S. Schultz papers

MS 89:     Harley Lugibihl papers

MS 90:     A.P. Sprunger Diary 1905-1975

MS 91:     Aaron and Lenore Myers papers

MS 92:     Basinger Funeral Home

MS 93:     John D. Unruh Papers

MS 94:     Gerhard & Leucille Buhler

MS 95:     Ferne Longsworth

MS 96:     Bluffton Women's Club

MS 97:     Letters of Mennonites in the Bluffton area

MS 98:     Copies of material in the Wm Niepoth Archives - Krefeld

MS 99:     C. Henry Smith Trust records

MS 100:     J.N. Smucker

MS 101:     William Keeney

MS 102:     Ted Bauman

MS 103:     Robert Bear materials

MS 104:     Elam Suter

MS 105:     Oliver Davidson

MS 107:     Paul G. Hirschler

MS 108:     Payson Miller Letters

MS 109:     World War I correspondence collection

MS 110:     World War II correspondence collection

MS 111:     Carl J. Landes Papers

MS 114:     Ted Cunningham '1930 papers

MS 118:  J.S. Hartzler papers

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