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Archives & Special Collections: MMS collections list

The homepage for the Archives and Special Collections department of Musselman Library.

Miscellaneous Manuscript Collections list

Collections are offered here by name only.  Please contact the ASC for more details on extent and scope of these collections.

MMS 1: Pearl Bogart Mann
Programs, clippings, obituaries, tributes of the late Bluffton College music professor." Dates covered: 1914-1995, contents = 1 folder

MMS 2: Otto Holtkamp
Programs, clippings, obituaries of Holtkamp, a former Bluffton College music professor, and family members." Dates covered: 1936-1988, contents = 1 folder

MMS 3: M'Della Moon
Clippings, programs, autobiographical essay of former Bluffton College science professor" Dates covered: 1933-1996, contents = 1 folder

MMS 4: Irwin W. Bauman
Sociological survey of Bluffton; other manuscripts, passport, clippings of former Bluffton College sociology professor" Dates covered: 1926-1986, contents = 1 folder

MMS 5: John E. Hartzler
Programs, clippings, correspondence of former Witmarsum Theological Seminary president." Dates covered: 1924-1989, contents = 1 folder

MMS 6: Russell A. Lantz
Programs, photographs, MaRuss Crafts, other documents of former Bluffton College music professor. See also: mortarboard, hood, briefcase, batons shelved with artifacts. Dates covered: 1941-1995, contents = 1 folder

MMS 7: Edmund G. Kaufman
Letters and clippings of former Bluffton College dean and Bethel College president Dates covered: 1931-1994, contents = 1 folder

MMS 8: Jacob Herman Langenwalter
Letters and clippings of former dean of Witmarsum Theological Seminary and president of Bethel College. Dates covered: 1915-1965, contents = 1 folder

MMS 9: Richard and Eve McMaster
Printed material, personal clippings, and news clippings of former Bluffton College history professor and his wife." Dates covered: 1987-1994, contents = 2 folders

MMS 10: John D. Unruh Jr.
Letters and clippings of former Bluffton College professor of history. Dates covered: 1966-1989, contents = 1 folder

MMS 11: Mubarack E. Awad
Clippings of events and writings related to alum's peace activities in the Middle East. Dates covered: 1986-1988, contents = 1 folder

MMS 12: Darvin Luginbuhl
photos, misc. documents, and bibliography of Bluffton News articles of former Bluffton College art professor." Dates covered: 1961-1993, contents = 1 folder

MMS 13: Earl Lehman
Bluffton News articles published by former Bluffton College music professor Dates covered: 1988-1989, contents = 1 folder

MMS 14: Jeff Gundy
Writings, clippings, other documents by and about Bluffton University English professor" Dates covered: 1988-1997, contents = 1 folder

MMS 15: Wesley Richard
Articles and clippings about former Bluffton College communication professor Dates covered: 1975-1999, contents = 1 folder

MMS 16: Ronald Conrad
Letters and publication flyer Dates covered: 1980, contents = 1 folder

MMS 17: Richard Hansgen
Articles and Bluffton News column bibliography from former Bluffton College professor of education. Dates covered: 1984-1995, contents = 1 folder

MMS 18: Ron Lora
Articles written by and about alum and former Bluffton College trustee Ron Lora Dates covered: 1991-1998, contents = 1 folder

MMS 19: John E. Brown
Letters between former archivist Howard Raid and BC alum. Dates covered: 1988-1989, contents = 1 folder

MMS 20: Spencer Cunningham
Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune article about 1968 alum. Dates covered: 2001, contents = 1 folder

MMS 21: J.A. Huffman
Letters and photographs (relationship to BC?) Dates covered: 1916-1923, contents = 1 folder

MMS 22: Muriel Thiessen Stackley
Clippings of articles, editorials, poetry from 1958 alum and former editor of The Mennonite" Dates covered: 1988-[1992], contents = 1 folder

MMS 23: Theodore W. Cunningham
clippings Dates covered: 1991, contents = 1 folder

MMS 24: Loren Johns
Academic paper, clippings, and Jerusalem cross-cultural materials from former Bluffton College religion professor" Dates covered: 1995-1996, contents = 1 folder

MMS 25: Joanna Bowen Gillespie
Academic papers, articles, and essays written by 1952 alum" Dates covered: 1980-1993, contents = 1 folder

MMS 26: John S. Sutter M.D.
Scrapbook related to Sutter's gold; materials from early Bluffton hospital. Father of Carrie Sutter Stratton. Various dates, contents = 1 folder

MMS 27: Carrie Sutter Stratton
Letters, Bluffton news essays, essays about BC history, and obit from 1923 alum" Dates covered: 1990-1992, contents = 1 folder

MMS 28: Arnold Snyder
Scope article about and book chapter by former Bluffton College history professor Dates covered: 1984-1993, contents = 1 folder

MMS 29: Howard and Rene Shelly
Clippings about the father-daughter doctors in Bluffton. Dates covered: 1996, contents = 1 folder

MMS 30: Franklin D. Rodabaugh
Clippings about Dr. Rodabaugh's medical practice and community activities collection undated, contents = 1 folder

MMS 31: John H. Keller
Clippings, Bluffton News articles, St. Rita's Hospital magazine, Nickel Rate Railroad calendar from 1931 alum." Dates covered: 1969-1994, contents = 1 folder

MMS 32: Joanne Passet
correspondence with Howard Raid, clippings from alum and former Library director" Dates covered: 1989-1998, contents = 1 folder

MMS 33: John A. Ramseyer
University School essay. Dates covered: [1949], contents = 1 folder

MMS 34: J. Richard Weaver
Essays, Ramseyer tribute, Scope article about alum and former Bluffton College science professor." Dates covered: 1971-1995, contents = 1 folder

MMS 35: Maynard Shelly
Clippings, MCC news service article, essays" Dates covered: 1962-??, contents = 1 folder

MMS 36: Boyd Smucker
Correspondence, clippings, fundraising notebook from former Bluffton College field secretary" Dates covered: 1913-1936, contents = 2 folders

MMS 37: Howard Krehbiel
Notes from CDC historical society and memorial service from former Bluffton College mathematics professor and archivist Dates covered: 1998-1999, contents = 1 folder

MMS 38: Ferne Ramseyer
Early 1940s driver's licenses Dates covered: 1943-1951, contents = 1 folder

MMS 39: Leland Lehman
Ohio House of Representatives campaign card collection undated, contents = 1 folder

MMS 40: Jack Earl
Five original sketches used in ISTA, Bluffton News clipping from 1955 alumm" collection undated, contents = 1 folder

MMS 41: James Ehrman
Admissions and alumni correspondence from 1939 alum. Dates covered: 1935-1941, contents = 1 folder

MMS 42: Carrie Hughes
Three original christmas cards drawn by 1935 alum. collection undated, contents = 1 folder

MMS 43: Ruth Beidler Jones
Letter outlining early Bluffton College memories of father's and own from 1941 alum. See also: Photos of Science Hall, Ropp Hall, Music Hall, Cottage, May Pole Dates covered: 1999, contents = 1 folder

MMS 44: Esta Lugabill Dye
Letters, Bluffton High School materials, testing books, programs, grade card from 1921 alum" Dates covered: 1917-1921, contents = 1 folder

MMS 45: Mary Bahn
Study of Bluffton in 1920s manuscript, includes interviews with H.W. Berky and Myron Motter. See also reel tape. Dates covered: 1970, contents = 1 folder

MMS 46: John Baumgartner
Correspondence with I.B. Beeshy from 1924 alum. Dates covered: 1968, contents = 1 folder

MMS 47: Hermina Augspurger (Mrs. John) Warkentin
Script of Christmas program written by 1921 alum. Dates covered: 1959, contents = 1 folder

MMS 48: Ellen Risser Farrel
documents related to the history of Friedelsheim, Germany" collection undated, contents = 2 folders

MMS 49: Christian Amstutz songbook
Manuscript songbook of Christian Amstutz. Had been labeled 4-ms-d-5 in previous archiving scheme. Dates covered: 1848, contents = 1 folder

MMS 50: Jacob Amstutz letters
Letters written to Jacob Amstutz of Silverton, Oregon (photocopies) Had been labeled 4-ms-d-7 in previous archiving scheme." Dates covered: 1905-1915, contents = 1 folder

MMS 51: Sommer letters
Copies of letters in possession of Francis Sommer, from relatives in Europe. Photocopied 7/26/1989" Dates covered: 1948-1968, contents = 1 folder

MMS 52: Clarence Shank letters
Letters and postcards of Clarence Shank of Marion, Pennsylvania to Delbert Gratz which address various issues of culture and life among Mennonite and related groups, including splits in the church and the Robert Bear case." Dates covered: 1970-1975, contents = 1 folder

MMS 53: Grover T. Soldner
The minister's manual of GT Soldner, with notes pasted in for a marriage ceremony and notes on a baptism service. Collection of documents from 1956-1960 on issues of the Committee on Church Unity of the GCMC, including correspondence regarding the situation involving Clifford A Hofer and the Hutterthal Mennonite Church in South Dakota." Dates covered: 1956-1960, contents = 1 folder

MMS 54: Samuel T Moyer
Various letters and other documents apparently collected by Samuel T. Moyer (according to note by Ann Hilty). Includes ""Rev. Silas M. Grubb's Slides on Mennonite History", ""The Mennonite Church: A pageant"" by Miller and Whistler, various clippings from The Mennonite and other publications, " collection undated, contents = 1 folder

MMS 55: C.D. and Fannie Amstutz
Marriage license, teacher's certificates, deeds, copyright certificates, and financial documents belonging to C.D. and Fannie Bixel Amstutz and C.U. Amstutz, C.D.'s father" Dates covered: 1852-1913, contents = 1 folder

MMS 56: Rothen-Weber letters
Photocopies of two letters of David Rothen to Peter Weber. One version of each letter in German and English. Also, clipping from December 28, 1990 Bluffton News article by Delbert Gratz." Dates covered: 1833-1834, contents = 1 folder

MMS 57: Payson Miller
Three documents: bibliography on peace, bibliography on the constitution, and a photocopy of a typed manuscript regarding the PROTOCOLS. According to a note by Howard Raid, Miller was a conscientious objector. Miller taught in the Education department of Bluffton College beginning in 1923. Collection undated, contents = 1 folder

MMS 58: Eugene Basinger
Three handwritten letters from the J. C. Basinger family; letter to John W. Keller from Bertha L Goetsch; various deeds and legal documents concerning properties in Allen and Auglaize county, including several referring to the ""Biederman House""; naturalization papers for George Biederman; documents regarding the estate of Katrina Biederman. Dates covered: 1762-1929, contents = 1 folder

MMS 59: Reichenbach Family
Papers of the Reichenbach family of Columbus Grove, Ohio, including clippings, obituaries, and 21 photographs (many unidentified)" Dates covered: 1853-1945, contents = 1 folder

MMS 60: Shirk Genealogical Manuscript
Manuscript of the Shirk genealogy and cover of box originally holding manuscript. Includes provenance note from Mabel Baird. Collection undated, contents = 2 folders

MMS 61: First Airmail Pickup Envelope
Color copy of the front of an envelope addressed to Mr. D.M. Bride of Guerneville, California and stamped with ""First Air Mail Pickup, Bluffton Ohio, May 19, 1938. Morris Groman has the original envelope. The pickup took place in the Moser field; John Moser thinks this was the first pickup but there may have been more." Dates covered: 1938, contents = 1 folder

MMS 62: Russell and Lora Oyer Family
Christmas card-type photograph with caption showing two children from the Russell and Lora Oyer family collection undated, contents = 1 folder

MMS 63: Abe and Fern Mast letters
Two letters between Abe and Fern Mast and Howard Raid regarding ""Holmes County Traveler""" Dates covered: 1992, contents = 1 folder

MMS 64: Bertha Louise Goetsch
Letters from Bertha Louise Goetsch to Fred Steiner at the Bluffton News, and clippings. Goetsch was a News contributing writer on topics of genealogy related to Frederick Gratz." Dates covered: 1979-1981, contents = 1 folder

MMS 65: First Mennonite Church, Reedley, CA
Programs for a choir concert, organ concert, and anniversary souvenir for the 75th anniversary of First Mennonite Church in Reedley, California. Claude Boyer '50 was a former pastor." Dates covered: 1981, contents = 1 folder

MMS 66: Richard Basinger
Photographs, clippings, and letters from the family of Richard Basinger. Includes provenance note by Joanne Niswander" collection undated, contents = 1 folder

MMS 67: Hardesty-Crawfis letter
Letter from Marilyn Crawfis to Jo Hardesty, who were roommates at Bluffton College. Mentions the ""New Home Management House""" Dates covered: 1958, contents = 1 folder

MMS 68: Stanley Kerr Diary
Typescript of a diary of letters from Stanley Kerr to his father . Kerr writes the letters from Marash, Turkey." Dates covered: 1920, contents = 1 folder

MMS 69: Don Steer photographs
Don and Sandy Steer donated these photographs. Don was a 1952 graduate of Bluffton and worked for Bluffton in a few years in the late '60s. The photos were found in a box of miscellaneous unsorted collections in the ASC during August 2010. Date of donation is unknown. Dates covered: 1967, contents = 1 folder

MMS 70: Kaufmann-Bauman collection
Four CDs containing digitzed archival material related to John P. Klassen medallions, the wedding of Maurice Kaufmann and Mary K. Bauman, wedding art and images, and Mary K. Bauman's senior piano recital (audio)." Dates covered: 1951/2008, contents = 1 folder

MMS 71: Jonas Macklin notebook
A book of handwritten notes by Jonas Macklin collection undated, contents = 1 folder

MMS 72: David Habegger copybook
"Dieses Schreibheft gehort mir David Habegger 1875"" in Kurrentschrift on the cover of a small notebook" Dates covered: 1875, contents = 1 folder

MMS 73: I.A. Sommer scrapbook
The Sunday School Conference scrapbook of I.A. Sommer of Berne, Indiana, containing clippings of Mennonite Sunday School conferences from Bluffton in 1885 to Dalton, OH in 1907" Dates covered: 1885-1907, contents = 1 folder

MMS 74: Leo Otto Gratz essay
A biographical essay and curriculum vitae for Leo Otto Gratz, a 1915 graduate of Bluffton University." Dates covered: 1894-1965, contents = 1 folder

MMS 75: Edwin Goering speech
Script of speech titled, ""The Generation Gap: Menace and Hope,"" by Edwin Goering and memo from Goering to Richard Ramseyer requesting copy of speech sent to Howard Raid. Date and location of speech is unknown." Dates covered: 1972, contents = 1 folder

MMS 76: William H. Egly collection
Published articles and one unpublished manuscript about Ellen Glasgow and a bibliography of Glasgow works compiled by William H. Egly, a former Bluffton faculty member. Includes a memo from Ann Hilty to Howard Krehbiel, archivist." Dates covered: 1940-1998, contents = 1 folder

MMS 77: Emerson Niswander collection
Football programs(1934-37), May Day ephemera, and photographs from Emerson Niswander, a 1938 graduate of Bluffton University" Dates covered: 2004, contents = 1 folder

MMS 78: Don Schweingruber collection
Programs from the retirement celebration of Dean of Students emeritus, Don Schweingruber" Dates covered: 2005, contents = 1 folder

MMS 79: Ishaq Yacoub Al-Qutub collection
Script of a speech given by Al-Qutub on the occasion of receiving the Alumni Distinguished Service award during homecoming ceremonies October 31, 1993. Includes other documents highlighting Al-Qutub's career." Dates covered: 1993, contents = 1 folder

MMS 80: Henry Welty interview
Interview with Henry Welty, 1927 Bluffton graduate, by Howard Raid. Mentions art classes with John Klassen." Dates covered: 1994, contents = 1 folder

MMS 81: Agnes Amstutz papers
One poem written by Agnes Amstutz, 1922 graduate of Bluffton University and former librarian, titled, ""Says the Fat Man to the Thin Man.""" Dates covered: n.d., contents = 1 folder

MMS 82: Oliver Diller collection
Collections of articles and clippings written by or about Oliver Diller, 1930 graduate of Bluffton and former board member, who was also a gifted forester and planted hundreds of trees in the Bluffton area. Includes script of, ""Our Campus Trees - a Symbol of Continuity,"" a speech given at the Chapel program on Robert Kreider's inauguration day, October 15, 1965." Dates covered: 1960-1984, contents = 1 folder

MMS 83: Catherine Mitchell Goble collection
One photograph of Goble, who graduated from Central Mennonite College in 1907. Includes a caption written by Joanne Niswander in 1999 for a campus centennial display." Dates covered: 1907, 1999, contents = 1 folder

MMS 84: Peter Buller speech
Script of Baccalaureate address given by Peter Buller, visiting professor in French and Religion, May 20, 1973." Dates covered: 1973, contents = 1 folder

MMS 85: Melvin Voigt collection
Collection of writings by and in honor of Melvin Voigt, 1933 graduate of Bluffton University and librarian at University of California, San Diego." Dates covered: 1952-1976, contents = 1 folder

MMS 86: Christian P. Steiner family record
Pages with handwritten family record of Christian P. Steiner and Magdalena Blosser and Barbara Thut. Includes other handwritten family record notes. Dates covered: n.d., contents = 1 folder

MMS 87: Christian (Christen) Steiner notebook
Notebook of Christian (Christen) Steiner. Steiner was the father of Mrs. Peter B. Thut and Mrs. Andrew Hauenstein. Dates covered: n.d., contents = 1 folder

MMS 88: John Thut notebook
Notebook of John Thut, including account book and family record information. Includes handwritten note by Ann Hilty." Dates covered: n.d., contents = 1 folder

MMS 89: Julius Cassel poetry translations
Poems by Julius Cassel as translated by Amos B. Hoover of Denver, Pennsylvania, and shared with Delbert Gratz. Poems were originally printed in Geschichte Der Mennoniten and also in the Cassel Family (1895) both by Daniel K. Cassel." Dates covered: 1975, contents = 1 folder

MMS 90: Peter Liechti family tree
photocopy of the Peter Liechti family tree, ""extracted from the citizen and family-registers of Landiswil and Biglen. Author/compiler is unknown." Dates covered: 1975, contents = 1 folder

MMS 91: Denise Leyda collection
A copy of a musical arrangement of ""O God, We Praise Thee"" by 1993 Bluffton graduate Denise Leyda. Includes copy of Howard Raid's acknowledgement letter." Dates covered: 1992, contents = 1 folder

MMS 92: William J. Ramseyer essay
An essay titled, ""The conscientious objector in World War II,"" written by Ramseyer, a 1939 Bluffton graduate, for graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, following CPS service in WWII." Dates covered: 1949, 1991, contents = 1 folder

MMS 93: Henry A. Hunsicker speech
Text of speech containing Reverend Henry A Hunsicker's account of the 1847 separation in the Mennonite Church. Dates covered: n.d., contents = 1 folder

MMS 94: Jesse Hartzler letters
Letters written by Jesse Hartzler to his brother, Raymond L. Hartzler and Raymond's wife, Nora, during 1919-1920 while overseas." Dates covered: 1919-1920, contents = 1 folder

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