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Ohio in the Civil War: Researching Regiment Activity

Resources to assist in researching Ohio regimental history in the United States Civil War.

Use these suggestions to research the activities of a particular Ohio regiment during the Civil War.  These resources can help you identify primary and secondary sources which offer context for a particular regiment, including significant battle involvement, notable persons, statistics, and other useful information.


Use WINDOW to search for published work about a particular regiment.  There may be more than one way to search.

1)  Search by regiment number.  Examples:

34th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

34th OVI


2)  Search by battle.  Examples:

civil war battle atlanta

civil war battle vicksbug

civil war battle Kenesaw Mountain


3)  Search by prominent person.  Examples:

civil war thomas kilby smith

civil war franklin sawyer

Using the library catalog

Once you've identified the regiment number, the library catalog can help you uncover published histories, diaries, and other works related to that regiment.  

Try a KEYWORD search like: Ohio regiment <number of regiment with ordinal suffix>

Example:  Ohio regiment 66th

Expand your search to the OhioLINK Library Catalog for more possibilities.




Here's a selection of regimental history resources.  More is available in the library catalog or by browsing the stacks at E 456 through E 655 in the Reading Room and on the second floor.  Please ask us if you need help finding additional resources.