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Ohio in the Civil War: Identifying a Regiment

Resources to assist in researching Ohio regimental history in the United States Civil War.

Identifying an Ohio-based Civil War regiment can be tricky.  These resources can help you identify a regiment by geographic location within the state of Ohio.  They may also offer context for a particular regiment, including significant battle involvement, notable persons, statistics, and other useful information.


Use WINDOW to find a regiment by location in Ohio.  Build your search like this:

First search box:  Enter a town or county.  [example:  Hancock county]

Second search box:  Enter "civil war regiment" without the quotes.

Click Search.  Browse through the results to see if a particular regiment is identified by number.  

Use that number to search WINDOW again for more specific information about that particular regiment.  Look for specific battle names or locations, or prominent persons who served in the regiment, and search for those, too.

You may need to substitute infantry, calvary, or artillery for regiment in your searches, if using regiment doesn't uncover useful information.

Links for web-based regiment information

Book sources for regiment information