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Library Policies

A guide outlining basic resource and usage policies for Musselman Library.

Library Facilities Policy: Food and Drink

Food and drink is permitted in public areas of the library according to the following guidelines:

  • Beverages should be in covered, spill-resistant containers, like travel mugs, lidded tumblers, or bottles.
  • Food should be snack-type food that is often pre-packaged and should not make a mess while being eaten, rather than a meal, or something in large packaging that may be especially smelly.
  • All library users who consume food or drink are expected to clean up after themselves and discard waste in the appropriate waste container, leaving no trace that food or drink was consumed.

Food or drink is not permitted in non-public areas of the library, such as the Archives & Special Collections area. Exceptions may be made for events, receptions, or other instances where refreshments are served in the library and are made at the discretion of the library director or staff.