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Celebrate 2020: Health and Wellness Expo details

Everything you need to know about Celebrate the Library Week 2020 events...

Health and Wellness Expo

The feature event for Wednesday of Celebrate the Library week has grown into an impressive learning opportunity for all who visit.  Presenters will educate attendees with informative displays, practical takeaway ideas, and free food samples! Visit the expo in the library's Reading Room between 10am and 1pm on Wednesday, February 5th.

Presentations planned for the 2020 Health and Wellness Expo:

Pulses: Tiny But Mighty  - Presented by Amber Brown

Discover how to make these nutritional powerhouses fit into your daily food choices. These tiny but mighty superheroes are sustainable, versatile and affordable.

Comfort Food Makeovers -- Presented by Raya Beerbower

Discover how just a few simple changes can greatly increase the nutritional value of some of your favorite recipes.  

Fake Meat, Real Health -  Presented by Whytni Gallagher

Discover the power of meat substitutes: A creative way to improve your health and the environment.

Fiber Doesn't Always Have to be Bland - Ben Ditto

Discover exciting ways to improve heart health and still have tasty meals.

Introducing Kibbeh as a Healthy Supper -- Presented by Ashley Hartman

Discover Kibbeh's versatility in recipes and how it can be incorporated into the Mediterranean Diet and other Middle Eastern foods!

Making Gluten Free Easier -- Presented by Avery Carter

Discover how to make gluten-free living convenient and cost effective. 

Saved by the Bell…Pepper -- Presented by Kylie Brock

Discover how to re-invent fun dishes using a forgotten vegetable.

Superfood of the Sea -- Presented by Kylee Tiziani

Discover how this super food isn't only bright in color but packed with a variety of health benefits. 

Truly 10 Minute Meals - Presented by Kayla McSwords

Discover how to use new grains to make meals simpler.