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Christian Values in a Global Community: Finding Articles

A resource guide for Dr. Lamar Nisly's CVGC class, with a focus on the class research topic of human trafficking.

Finding Articles - Introduction

There are a number of ways to find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. The WINDOW box below and the Selected Research Databases box to the right offer different options. WINDOW searches many databases at once. It is usually the place to begin and will often give you everything you need. But searching individual databases can also be useful. It allows you to search databases that are more tightly focused on one subject. Often an individual database offers more options for refining your search than WINDOW does because the latter is searching so many databases at one time. Talk to a librarian if you need help in determining how to proceed.


To find journal articles, the place to start is WINDOW.

WINDOW is the single search box on the library's homepage.

WINDOW searches many research databases at once (in addition to the Bluffton Catalog). To learn more about individual databases, see the box to the right.

For help with searching, visit the Search Strategies tab.

Selected Research Databases

Searching individual databases is one way to focus your search. While WINDOW searches many databases, searching an individual database allows you to focus on one subject area. You might decide to search a sociology database, or one in the area of business, psychology, political science, criminal justice, etc. To see some options, you can go to our subject listing of databases. In addition, searching an individual database may allow you to refine or focus your search in a way that wasn't available in WINDOW.

See below for a sampling of subject-specific research databases: