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Education Research Methods

A guide to assist students in EDU 650: Research Methods in Education

Scholarly Journal Characteristics

Article length is longer and content is in-depth.

Written by expert/s in the field, and name(s) and credentials provided.

Language includes concepts and/or jargon of the field for scholarly readers.

Structured arrangement, often with abstract, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion.

Illustrations support the text, as with statistical tables, graphs.

Content is peer-reviewed, refereed by a group of experts.

Bibliography/works cited/footnotes document the research.

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Use research databases to find scholarly journal articles

A research database is a searchable collection of many types of sources. A database might include journal, magazine, or newspaper articles, book chapters, book reviews, reports, and other types of published information. These collections might be topic-specific and narrowly-focused, or they may be very broad and comprehensive in the subject matter they include.

Use your list of keywords as search words in these databases.

Suggested databases for education research