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Basics of Social Research: Books

A companion guide for students taking Basics of Social Research at Bluffton University

Search the Bluffton Library Catalog

Browsing in Musselman Library

Browse the HV 1- HV 9960 call number range on the library's 4th floor for social work-related resources.

You'll find related reference books at the same call number range in the Reading Room on the main floor.

You can search the Bluffton Library Catalog using the simple search box below.  For all search options, go to the full catalog search page.

Additional call number ranges for Social Sciences (all on 4th floor):
HM: Sociology (general)
HN: Social History, Social Problems, Social Reform
HQ: Sexuality, The Family, Marriage
HS: Societies: Secret, Benevolent
HT: Communities, Classes, Races
HV: Social Work, Social Pathology, Social and Public Welfare, Criminology
HX: Socialism, Communism, Anarchism

Other call numbers which might be interesting:
BF: Psychology (main/3rd floor)
D, E, F: History (2nd floor)
J: Political Science (4th floor)
K: Law (4th floor)
L, LA, LB: Education (4th floor)
M: Music (2nd floor)
PN: Some television, popular culture (2nd floor)
QA: Technology, computers (2nd floor)
TX: Some food science and food culture (2nd floor)

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