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Mennonite Periodicals: Overview

A guide devoted to Mennonite, Anabaptist, and related periodicals at Musselman Library


Mennonite and related periodicals at Musselman Library can be found in a number of locations around the library. We maintain a browsing collection in the Reading Room, while other issues are a part of the periodicals collection on the library's main floor. The Archives and Special Collections area of the library maintains significant holdings as well.

There is no comprehensive A-Z listing of Mennonite and related titles held in the entire library. For cataloged titles in the Main Library, consult the Main Library A-Z tab. This is a list in progress. For titles held in the Archives and Special Collections area of the library, consult that section of the guide (coming soon).

Titles will often be listed on more than one page of the guide. In many cases, title listings will link to the online catalog, where more detailed information about holdings and locations can be found.

For specific titles, the Bluffton Library Catalog is the best place to begin. This guide is intended to complement the catalog.

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Guide created by Paul L. Weaver.

Periodicals at Musselman Library