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Exercise Prescription - HFS 265: Search Strategy

A guide to assist students in HFS 265 Personal Training and Exercise with the exercise prescription project.

Search Strategy

Before you begin searching, think about your search strategy.  The list of factors you consider when writing an exercise plan for your client can be a good list of search terms when seeking research studies to support your prescription or plan.  What kind of research are you hoping to find?  Which words and phrases will you use as you create your searches? 

Think about the following, and consider making a list:

  • Your client's gender, age, and circumstances 
  • The type(s) of exercise you plan to prescribe
  • The goal(s) of the exercise plan
  • Any other factors which will impact your exercise plan

If your list has any long sentences to describe an idea or concept, how can you summarize that idea or concept into single words, or short phrases?

Think about related words and phrases. Think about words that mean the same thing as the words you've already written.

Use these words alone and combined in different ways to begin searching the databases. Keep an eye out for additional words and phrases you see along the way which might also get you to helpful information.

Choosing and Using Keywords

This video from USC San Bernadino does a great job at explaning what keywords are and how to think about them when searching.

Need more help?

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