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Becoming A Scholar

This guide shares content relevant to the Becoming A Scholar course, the first year student experience in the Bluffton Blueprint.

Within the scope of its resources and those to which it has access through cooperative agreements, Musselman Library provides support for learning, teaching, and research for all the Bluffton University community, embraces the institutional mission, and maintains a strong commitment to service.

- Musselman Library mission statement

In this first module, you'll get to know your library, as an important location both on campus and on the World Wide Web.  Complete this module to become more familiar with Musselman Library's resources and services - all to support your journey toward becoming a scholar.

Musselman Library virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of Musselman Library!  Visit spaces inside the library building during this <5 minute tour.

Musselman Library website tour

Here's a <3 minute tour of the Musselman Library homepage, where you'll find links to all library resources and services.