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Celebrate 2018: Health and Wellness Expo details

All the information you need regarding the library's annual celebration of student research and creativity.

Health and Wellness Expo

The feature event for Wednesday of Celebrate the Library week has grown into an impressive learning opportunity for all who visit.  Presenters will educate attendees on a wide range of wellness and nutrition topics, with informative displays, practical takeaway ideas, and free food samples! Visit the expo in the library's Reading Room between 10am and 1pm on Wednesday, February 7th.

Expo Presenters

Presentations planned for the 2018 Health and Wellness Expo include:

Sorghum: Introducing the Versatile and Eco-friendly Grain - Chloe Bechdolt

Substitutions: Making Easy Substitutions that Increase Nutrition and Decrease Sugar and Fat - Jennie Matteson

Fiber: Learn Simple Ways to Increase Fiber in Your Diet - Jessie Gibson

Consumer 101 for Whole Grains:  What Does Whole Grain Actually Mean? - Bethany Martini

Soups Made Easy: Decrease Sodium and Increase Nutrients - Olivia Recker

All-Inclusive Recipes:  Allergy- and Vegan-Friendly Recipes Made Easy for the Entire Family - Becca Starn

Flatbreads: Using Flatbreads for Quick, Creative, and Nutrient-Dense Meals - Abby Rohrbach

Lutein & Ellagic Acid: Disease Fighting Potential - Allie Stoepful

Breakfast Basics: Starting the Day Off Right - Madeleine Elwell

Making Lunch Fun Again: Creative and Fun Lunch Ideas That Will Not Sacrifice Nutrition - Lindsay Horn

Spices: Lessons on Creative Use of Spices for Health and Versatility in Cooking - Alexa Lammers

Oil: Clearing Confusion on What to Buy for Health and Cooking - Hannah Stephens

Learn the Benefits of Wrapping It Up: Low Carb Wraps for Easy Meals - Rachel Hiett

Vegetarian Cooking: Learn New Ideas and Techniques in Vegetarian Cooking and Health Benefits - Hannah Brown

Fish: Decreasing Barriers to Fish Consumption - Kelsey Reeder

Instant Pot: Is This the New Secret to Healthy and Quick Cooking? - Taylor Aurand

Leftovers: Clever Ways to Incorporate New Dishes and Nutrition - Courtney Zimpfer

Produce: Learn How to Plan Menus Around Produce - Kolleen Boland

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2015 Wellness Fair

2015 Wellness Fair

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