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Becoming A Scholar

This guide shares content relevant to the Becoming A Scholar course, the first year student experience in Bluffton University's general education program.


Your journey as a scholar...

Learning to do research now will help you today and prepare you for what's to come.

Research follows a crooked path, taking unexpected turns, sometimes up blind alleys, even looping back on itself.

Done well, your project prepares you to join the oldest and most esteemed of human conversations, one conducted for milennia among philosophers, engineers, biologists, social scientists, historians, literary critics, linguists, theologians, not to mention CEOs, lawyers, marketers, investment managers -- the list is endless.

Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams, in The Craft of Research

It's critical to remember that learning is your central focus while you're in college[, and] very often the best learning occurs when you have personal engagement with the material.

Whether it is dazzling or more subdued, ... learning is at the heart of your college experience.

L. Lamar Nisly, in Introduction to Becoming a Scholar


Musselman Library is ready to assist you in your quest to become a scholar.  We have the human and intellectual resources you need to discover new knowledge and solve the puzzles of your interests.  This guide is designed as a companion to your work in the Becoming a Scholar course, with content from your library visit experience to support your efforts in the classroom and in your individual research projects.

This video explains why choosing a topic is part of a research process that doesn't often follow a straight line from start to finish.  

From the North Carolina State University libraries.