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Research Symposium 2022: Details and Participants

Bluffton University's tradition of celebrating student research, pre-professional experiences, and creative work returns Thursday, April 21 in a Research Symposium event!

WHO:  Undergraduate student presenters nominated by Bluffton University faculty members for research, pre-professional experiences, or creative work completed during during Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, or Spring 2022 semesters.

WHEN:  Thursday, April 21, beginning at 3:00pm.

WHERE:  Musselman Library main floor.  Presentations will take place in the Reading Room.

HOW:   Presenters will offer a short talk (3-5 minutes) describing their project or experience. Talks may follow the Three Minute ThesisPechaKucha, or other brief styles of presentation, but the event is not a competition.   Presentations will begin at 3pm and will proceed sequentially.  When the presentations are complete, presenters will be available to answer follow-up questions in a meet-and-greet reception on the library's main floor.   

ARTS & LECTURE CREDIT:  Yes!  Arts and Lecture Credit is available for presenters and attendees.

LIGHT REFRESHMENTS will be served.

QUESTIONS:  Please contact Carrie Phillips, library director.


Genoa Arling
Project Title: How Students' Stressors Affect GPA Averages and Overall General Health
Nominated by Deanna Barthlow-Potkanowicz, PSY 403 instructor

Rosanna Barber
Project Title: Right-brained Methods in Art
Nominated by Phil Sugden, ART 214 instructor

Darius Boeke
Project Title: Coins, Counting, and Complexity
Nominated by Steve Harnish, MAT 220 instructor

Stacey Chiwera
Project Title: Decolonising the Mind
Nominated by Chris Morrissey, SOC 162 instructor

Leslie Diaz Valdiviezo
Project Title: Frida Kahlo
Nominated by Jim Fultz, ART 327 instructor

Joseph Earl
Project Title: Isocrates’ Vision of Truth and Unity
Nominated by Gerald Mast, COM 344 instructor

Marissa Hall *
Project Title: Psychological and Theological Effects Portrayed in Slave Narratives
Nominated by Lamar Nisly, ENG 402 instructor

Olivia Hattery *
Project Title: Atlantis [an apocalyptic movie script]
Nominated by Jackie Wyse-Rhodes, HON 250 instructor

Maxwell Kennedy
Project Title: From Early Athens to Today: Key Contributions of two Greek Mathematicians
Nominated by Steve Harnish

Martha Kroske
Project Title: Exploring Line, Structure, and Form with Bamboo Reed
Nominated by Jim Fultz, ART 207 instructor


Michael Lindhorst
Project Title: Codes & Encryptions, Past & Present
Nominated by Steve Harnish, MAT 332 instructor

Ethan Ly
Pre-professional experience as a medical scribe
Nominated by Angie Montel

MacKenzie Martin
Project Title: The Pianist [multimedia collection of apocalyptic events]
Nominated by Jackie Wyse-Rhodes, HON 250 instructor

Evie Masters
Project Title: The Grecian Impact on Romanticism
Nominated by Jane Wood, HON 210 instructor

Zac Nobis
Pre-professional experience as a medical scribe
Nominated by Angie Montel

Rona Stafa
Biology internship providing daily care for a person with Parkinson's disease
Nominated by Angie Montel, supervised by Sarah Lehman

Katrina Stone
Project Title: Random walks in Python
Nominated by Steve Harnish, CPS 299 instructor

Leah Tabler
Project Title: Through the Eyes of a Hobbit: Exploring the Mental Health of an Author and His Characters
Nominated by Lamar Nisly, ENG 402 instructor

Olivia Lou Westcott
Project Title: Love, Socrates: Socrates in Plato’s Phaedrus and the Conversation of Love
Nominated by Gerald Mast, COM 344 instructor

* indicates past Research Fair participation