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Becoming A Scholar

This guide shares content relevant to the Becoming A Scholar course, the first year student experience in Bluffton University's general education program.

For help with the annotated bibliography portion of your assignment, take a look at the example bibliography entires below.

The library and the Writing Center both have lots of resources to help you with bibliography creation.  Explore the other resources linked from this page, and contact us if you need further assistance.

Annotated Bibliography examples from your project assignment


Addled, Brian.  The Effects of Concussions on Long-term Memory. Harvard UP, 2011.

This book, published by a leading expert in neuroscience, delves into a large-scale study of memory loss among Division III football players.  Since I am examining the dangers of even a few concussions, this study will likely prove particularly helpful because my other sources focus more heavily on the NFL.

Dexterity, Melinda.  Personal interview. 5 Oct. 2016.

Dr. Dexterity, a brain surgeon (and a family friend), has provided a very helpful context about brain injuries.  Though she is not a specific expert on concussions, her description of how the brain responds to injury helps me to understand my other sources more thoroughly.

Dachtyl, Sarah A.; Morales, Pedro. “A Collaborative Model for Return to Academics After Concussion: Athletic Training and Speech-Language Pathology.” American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.  vol. 26, August 2017, pp. 716-728. Accessed 12 Sept. 2017.

This study is useful for my work because it describes an academic concussion protocol for K-12, and demonstrates the serious consequences resulting from concussions and the care needed to ensure a student’s successful re-entry into their academic program.

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