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Web Searching Center: Evaluating Web Resources

A guide for interacting with the World Wide Web, including searching, evaluating, and citing websites as research resources.

Use these guides to help you evaluate what you find on the World Wide Web

Evaluating Information Found on the Internet
Approaches evaluating information on the Internet through the same criteria used by scholars to evaluate print sources. This guide from Johns Hopkins University is a classic (still in use since first published in 1996!).

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask
From the tutorial series at University of California, Berkeley, on finding information on the Internet; includes evaluation checklist in PDF format.

Critical Evaluation of Resources
Also from UC Berkeley, this guide addresses some of the broader issues for evaluation.

ICYouSee: A Guide to Critical Thinking About What You See on the Web
This guide to critical thinking offers six pointers to consider when examining Web pages – with a quiz and an assignment to test evaluation skills.

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